Drift consulting packages

Get help with setting up Drift: configuration, strategy, playbooks, microcopy, training and support.

Whether you've been using Drift for awhile and you’re struggling to get your DriftBot playbooks optimized, or you're brand new to Drift and want to make sure you’re set up the right way from the start, we can help you.

We work directly with you and your team to get you up and running quickly and painlessly so that you can start seeing maximum results and conversions from both cold traffic and return visitors to your website

Drift Package Pricing:

Key Objectives:

1. Map your channels & website to your buyer’s journey to create the conversational layer for your Go-to-Market strategy.

2. Use the Conversational Marketing Blueprint to identify and prioritize the highest performing Drift Playbooks for your business according to the plan of your choosing.

3. Implement and launch Drift chatbots to increase conversion rates on your website between 1.5-2X.

Drift Pro Launch

● Conversational Marketing Assessment & Blueprint

● Bot-Build & Optimization

  • Bot & widget design

  • Build 7 Drift Playbooks according to the Conversational Marketing Blueprint

  • Weekly analysis & bot reporting

  • Executive reporting

● CRM integration setup with SalesForce or HubSpot (other CRMs may require additional cost)

● Team training

● Launch checklist & go-live! (e.g., sales rep calendars, global settings, basic routing)

30 Day Timeline

Starting at: $5000


Drift premium launch

Everything in Pro Launch +

● Bot-Build & Optimization

  • Build 15 Drift Playbooks

  • Weekly analysis, bot reporting, and bot optimization.

● Conversational ABM™ implementation & integration with marketing automation (currently supported by Marketo & Pardot, other platforms coming soon).

● Contextualized & personalized bot optimization

60 Day Timeline

Cost: $10,000