How To Work With Us


ClientCentric offers packaged as well as bespoke services for startups and small to medium sized businesses. For most new clients, we recommend the Deep Dive Systems Review below as the ideal way to get the ball rolling. This will provide you with a detailed plan of action.

Deep Dive - Systems Review Intensive

This is the starting point we recommend for all new clients. We’ll take an intensive deep dive into your current systems, processes and software, evaluate your short and long term goals, bottlenecks and sticking points, and then provide you with a written report detailing an effective plan and blueprint for the implementation phase.

You then have the choice of doing it yourself, hiring a third party, or having us take it from there and guide you through the implementation phase. We can customize the package to include as much or as little support as you need, as well as provide on boarding, training and administration of the new system.

The Deep Dive Systems Review Intensive takes place over 1 week, and includes a strategy session, a research phase, a written deliverable and a summary meeting. 

Next Steps:


CRM and Pipeline Management - Pipedrive Consulting

We can select, setup and customize a state of the art CRM software system for your team, complete with customized pipelines. This system can be used to automate and manage not only your sales pipeline, but also manage your partners, vendors and contractors.


Team Communication and Collaboration - Asana Consulting

We can help you setup, configure and train your entire team on the best usage of Asana and to help eliminate the usage of email within your company. Asana, once configured correctly can keep your team on the same page, keep critical info and processes from falling through the cracks, and can completely revolutionize the way you and your team communicates, collaborates and gets work done.


Conversational Marketing - DRIFT Chatbot Consulting

We can help you instantly increase the engagement and conversions on your websites and landing pages from cold visitor to qualified prospect using Drift Welcome Messages and Chatbot Playbooks, including strategy, visitor journey mapping and micro copywriting.

Additional Services:

Marketing automation and customer journey

We will create and refine a customized marketing stack for you that will map out the customer journey for your target market, which will drive engagement, conversions and ultimately profits for your business.

Remote Team Communications and Collaboration  

We will set up and configure the best SaaS tools available to completely connect and manage your local and remote team. When we’re done, you’ll be able to effectively manage your entire operations from anywhere in the world that you have a device and a stable internet connection.

Systems, Processes and Automation

Once we’ve selected the best software tools for your business, we can then go deeper, and set up repeatable automated systems and processes, so that everyone on your team is doing things in the same way. We can also connect your individual software tools together to create on cohesive system. This phase is highly customized to your specific needs and workflow. 

Or book a 15 minute intro call below: