Deep dive - systems review

This is the starting point we recommend for all new clients. We’ll take an intensive deep dive into your current systems, processes and software, evaluate your short and long term goals, bottlenecks and sticking points, and then provide you with a written report detailing an effective plan and blueprint for the implementation phase.

You then have the choice of doing it yourself, hiring a third party, or having us take it from there and guide you through the implementation phase. We can customize the package to include as much or as little support as you need, as well as provide on boarding, training and administration of the new system.

The Deep Dive Systems Review Intensive takes place over 1 week, and includes a strategy session, a research phase, a written deliverable and a summary meeting.



Kickoff meeting

We meet one on one with you, the business owner as well as with up to 4 of your key team members. This is an intensive deep dive into your current systems, and where you want to be. Allow a minimum of 2 hours for this meeting.


research & deliverable

We take what we've learned from the Kickoff Meeting and then do additional research, along with internal strategy sessions in order to create a deliverable containing your roadmap for moving forward.


strategy meeting

We sit down with you and as many team members as you like, and go over the deliverable in detail, answering any questions you may have. At the end of this meeting, we'll plan out an implementation plan moving forward.