Pipedrive consulting packages

We've evaluated a large number of CRM and Sales Pipeline Management softwares systems over the years, and find that Pipedrive provides the best mix of power and simplicity, and we recommend it as the best option for most small B2B businesses. We find that in most cases, we can have you and your entire sales and marketing team up and running within days, instead of spending weeks or months configuring and training on a more complex system.

Whether you've been struggling with your CRM for awhile, or you're brand new to sales force automation, we can get you up and running quickly and painlessly so that you can start seeing maximum results from your sales and marketing teams.

Pipedrive Package Pricing:


Sales pipeline roadmap

The first step is to do a deep dive into your current systems and processes and create a deliverable which details the strategy plan and roadmap for building out a successful implementation related to your specific needs and goals.

This includes a 2 hour deep dive strategy session and a concise document deliverable, and takes place over one week.

(The cost of the Sales Pipeline Roadmap will be applied to any future implementation package initiated within 60 days)

Starting at: $850


pipedrive basic - quick start

For most clients, this is the place we recommend that you start. This package builds out your Pipedrive system based on the Sales Pipeline Roadmap described to the left.

It includes one customized sales pipeline, custom fields, goals, forecasting, web to lead forms, and basic integrations to your any email system, your Google Drive and Calendar, and Slack Team. 

Includes rollout, onboarding and basic training of up to 5 team members, 30 days of support and takes place over one to three weeks

Starting at: $2,500


pipedrive pro

The PRO package is for larger teams, or for small teams with more customized requirements. This package contains everything in BASIC, but adds data import, multiple integrations, Zapier automations and ongoing agile system refinement and development over a two month period.

The PRO package includes onboarding and training of up to 20 team members and takes place over six to eight weeks.


Cost: $5,000+

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