ClientCentric is now a Certified Drift Partner!


We're super excited to be part of the Drift Partner Program. We've been using Drift ourselves as well as for our clients, so it was a natural fit to become a Drift Partner. We've seen firsthand how much more effective Drift is than using traditional web forms and web chat widgets. You can read the announcement on the Drift Blog here.

Drift has added in Playbooks, Bots, Drift Mail, and a ton of other super effective features that make it the single most effective tool you can use that will immediately show increased sales conversions from your website visitors.

Now, instead of collecting contact information through web forms and then trying to get back with your prospects, your sales team can immediately start conversations right on your website when your prospects are actively looking for a solution.

If you'd like to chat with us about how Drift can work for you, either click the blue Drift icon at the lower right to start a conversation right away, or click here to schedule a 15-minute intro call by phone or Skype.